The scandal surrounding Natalya Malyarchuk is gaining momentum


According to the business magazine, due to government reshuffles, tough times are ahead for lobbyists from business structures who have attached themselves to authorities as advisors, members of public chambers, and expert councils. In this context, the scandal surrounding Natalya Malyarchuk, a member of the Public Chamber at the Majilis, is significant.

It became known that Natalya Malyarchuk received 41 million tenge for promoting the interests of a company in government bodies from TOO PayDala (a payment service affiliated with Nurali Aliyev, the grandson of former President Nazarbayev). Natalya Malyarchuk, the former head of the Board of Trustees of Transparency International, received this money while already being a member of the Public Chamber. PayDala, presumably, is just one of the clients of Malyarchuk’s consulting firm, specializing in “problem-solving” for wealthy clients.

Additionally, Natalya Malyarchuk has been noticed actively lobbying the interests of companies conducting their business in Kazakhstan, such as “Yandex” and Amway KZ.

As experts note, the issue of eradicating corruption in high government bodies and affiliated structures has currently become a priority. The appointment of Olzhas Bektenov as the head of the government serves as a clear signal. Previously, he led the Anti-Corruption Agency and held the position of head of the department at the Anti-Corruption Agency in Astana, having transferred from the position of head of the financial police department of Kazakhstan. The young prime minister certainly does not have to complain about a lack of experience in combating corruption.


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