Briana Armbruster: The Ski Mask Girl

Briana Armbruster

Briana Armbruster was born on February 14, 1995; additionally, she is 27 years old. Briana is an Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States-based Entertainer, TikTok Celebrity, Influencer, American Model, and Social media character. Ski mask lady is also well-known for publishing her exotic photographs and videos on social media.

Her visage is never disclosed, which intersects with these characteristics. In actuality, she has frequently utilised a handkerchief, hair, etc. to conceal her fatigue or alter her appearance. She has been in the public eye due to the viral content she produces. In addition, her visage is the primary attraction for her admirers, and during a live TikTok broadcast a few months ago, her companion canine inadvertently ripped off half of her disguise.

Ski Mask Female Bio-data

In addition, this beauty commemorates her birthday every year on February 14. Briana was born in 1995; therefore, she will be 27 years old in 2022. In addition, she is a citizen of the United States because she was born and reared in the country. In addition, there are no specific details regarding her upbringing and education. Additionally, she is assumed to be a graduate of a prestigious institution.

Parents, Siblings & Ethnicity

Throughout her childhood, Briana has maintained a close relationship with her parents. The lady in the ski mask comes from a middle-class family. In addition, the names and occupations of her parents and siblings remain unavailable. Additionally, she holds American citizenship. In actuality, her complete family is Christian. Briana comes from White-Caucasian ancestry. She was an exemplary and engaged pupil at her school.

Career, Profession & Lifestyle

The stunner began her career by uploading Instagram photos and videos of her exotic modelling work. In truth, she frequently posted a great deal of content, and some of her photographs went viral. Moreover, she gained popularity rapidly. According to the information, she does not reveal her entire visage. Additionally, she has approximately 239k Instagram followers.

In addition to this, she is a crowned muse on the Tiktok lip sync app. Her content typically attracts a sizable amount of viewers. As a result, Briana receives numerous opportunities. She has approximately 3.1 million followers on her tik-tok platform, and her report has 43.3 million likes.

In addition, Briana explains on her fan-only website that artists must pay a monthly subscription charge in order to submit explicit content. In addition, the girl who wears the disguise uses it to disseminate her private video and photographs and frequently resides on it. Moreover, her career is flourishing. Additionally, she collaborated with other famous individuals.

Briana Armbruster Bio/Wiki

Also, Briana Armbruster’s expression is modelled after the well-known Ski-mask girl from Tik-Toker and TooTurnedTony.

In addition, she uploads video content in which she poses in her disguise and its variations, as well as brief snippets detailing her daily activities.

Similarly, TooTurntTony is well-known on the platform for his muscular exercise health and fitness-related posts.

Additionally, Briana Armbruster’s TikTok profile has a fan base of approximately 2.6 million people.

However, her profile contains numerous posts and has received over 33,6 million views.

In addition, she follows 419 accounts or individuals using her official TikTok handle.

Ski Mask Girl Net worth/House

Additonally, As a beauty and fashion influencer, the beauty frequently participates in product and brand promotion.

In addition, Briana enjoys her affluent lifestyle with her family and close friends. In addition, she possesses branded apparel, footwear, jewellery, etc.

In addition, she has not formally revealed her earnings. The net worth of her endeavour in 2022 is between $500,000 and $1,000,000 USD.

Husband, Children & Personal Life

This model has an extensive masculine admirer base. In addition, the beauty has not disclosed anything to her partner regarding her love life or affairs. Also, Ski Mask lady frequently appears alongside ‘turnts-tony’ in videos. In fact, she appears to be enjoying her time alone. She is quite occupied with advancing her career. She may be courting someone in secrecy, but no information or confirmation is provided. Therefore, it is impossible to determine her relationship status.


Additionally, Briana is a popular TikTok celebrity. In addition, she stated that she would never abandon social media due to the negative comments.

“Too Turnt” was inscribed on her derriere in the majority of her photographs. According to some sources, she is dating “Too Turnt Tony,” another prominent social media personality.

Additionally, she enjoys spending time at the seashore with her loved ones.

In addition, she has numerous small markings on her body.

However, Briana enjoys travelling with her close companions to stunning locations.

In addition, this beauty favours labels such as Dior, Fendi, Jockey, Fashion Nova, Nike, Calvin Klein, etc.

Real Face Revealed as Ski-Mask Girl

In addition, The Ski-Mask Girl was almost unrecognisable in all of her recordings until her companion rushed and ran downhill in front of her, causing her to appear for a few seconds.

During a Tik-toker live-stream, the mask girl’s expression was accidentally exposed for a second time. In addition, despite his best efforts, the too-turnt-lucky tony’s revelation of her appearance in his consultation with living people occurred despite his efforts.

However, it was confirmed that The Briana Armbruster has an Instagram account; however, her veil-wearing acclimatisation faded during the income discussion.

Moreover, social media speculation indicates that Briana is allegedly expectant. However, she has not yet announced her pregnancy to the public. She became a TikTok Celebrity after videos of her wearing a ski balaclava went viral online. An inadvertent face reveal of the beauty on a live feed went viral.

In addition, the rumours about her pregnancy were completely false. In fact, she has not yet announced her pregnancy to her admirers. According to some sources, she is currently dating TooTurntTony, who is a famous TikTok celebrity, model, and duck cultivator.


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